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Jim Antonius BIOGRAPHY

Never content to be "idle", Antonius began his glassmaking endeavors in the late 1960's delving into stained glass. Further development included additional disciplines of fusing/slumping, etching, flintknapping, beveling, lost wax casting, lampworking, and off-hand glassblowing.

Across four decades, Antonius has studied or taught at assorted educational institutions; Prescott College, Yavapai College, Pepperdine University, U.C.L.A., El Camino College and Glendale Community College.

He has completed numerous workshops at  "The Studio" at the Corning Museum of glass and the Pilchuck Glass Center, under the tutelage of several distinct Glass Maestros.

With this compilation of experiences, Antonius has shared these skills as the Adjunct Professor of the Glass Arts Program for Prescott College, and he routinely sponsors or teaches classes at his personal studio in Prescott, Arizona.

During his career, Antonius has completed over 900 public, private, or corporate commissions. Of note, he recently designed and fabricated a 70-piece assemblage for the Prescott Resort and Casino symbolizing a Native American theme. Previously, he has installed glassworks for the Queen Mary's "Grand Salon" and has completed commissions for Architect Frank Gehry.

During his leisure time, he goes fly-fishing, distills spirits, and is currently upgrading a retro trailer.

"Essentially, I just put things together; call me a fabricator if you desire. I take pleasure in making "things happen" and abhor all types and forms of mediocrity.

For over four decades, my routine is to sketch every morning developing or building on diverse concepts. I may put these sketches aside for months or even years, and then revisit them incorporating elements for subsequent projects."

"I use molten glass as my medium and consider myself a glassmaker, rather than a glass artist. Glass blowing and sculpting are quite demanding and complex, but I thrive on the challenge of manipulating the material into forms that are not immediately recognizable as glass, especially when used with other materials such as blacksmithed steel.

Perhaps you may say that I am eccentric, and conceivably, I would counter that perhaps you are correct. If my work inspires you to "get out of the box" than I feel that, I have achieved some modicum of success."

— Jim Antonius

Yavapai Resort Installation by Antonius. The artwork measures 45 feet in length and comprises over 70 individual works of blown glass art.

Yavapai Resort Installation by Antonius.
The artwork measures 45 feet in length and comprises over 70 individual works of blown glass art.


Although many of the pieces in the Glass Gallery  are SOLD, please feel free to contact Antonius Studios about reproductions, individual purchases or Gallery Consignment inquiries. Realistically, no two pieces are exactly alike and we will cordially work with you to realize your specific visions.

Jim has completed over 900 public, corporate, and private commissions, including works on the Queen Mary and the chapel at Pepperdine University. In 1994, he was selected as artist/ designer of the Veterans Memorial for the City of Hermosa Beach, California.